Cremation & Death Certificate Forms

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Here you will provide the state required information and Legal Next-of-Kin authorization for cremation.

This page contains all the information we will need to move forward with cremation.  This information will be uploaded to the State of Colorado for legal permission to move forward with cremation. In the State of Colorado Funeral Homes CANNOT move forward with cremation without first obtaining permission to do so from the State of Colorado. Once we have state permission we will move forward with cremation in the order we have received permission.

Cremation in the State of Colorado is a Legal Process. The whole process takes on average between 3 to 8 days. Ultimately our process may depend on several external factors, such as how quickly the next-of-kin provides the necessary information and authorizations, the signature of certification from the Physician who pronounced death, the Coroners Offices, the State of Colorado, Law Enforcement, any investigation, organ / body donations, etc…

Please Complete ALL the Questions & Signatures Required below.

You can return all printable forms by email or fax

[email protected] or FAX 719-960-2573

Step 1 – Next-of-Kin VERIFICATION

Legal Next-of-Kin = Authorizing Agent

These forms are intended for the Legal Next-of-Kin ONLY. The Legal Next-Of-Kin is the ONLY person(s) who can authorize Return to Nature Funeral Home to conduct a cremation and request cremation authorization from the State of Colorado.

Click Here to verify your identification or Print, Complete & ReturnPrintable Verification Form


Colorado Death Certificates are $20.00 for the first copy and $13.00 for each additional copy. That is the states fee. We do not mark up that amount at all. What the state charges us is exactly what we charge your family. How many copies would you like? The Death Certificate information sheet can be useful in deciding a total number. You will indicate that number on the Death Certificate information sheet. 

Click Here to provide the information or Print, Complete & ReturnPrintable Information Form


The second most important form is the Cremation Authorization. Please provide the information that you have available and please sign the form. We will provide the missing information.

Mainly page four – Please sign on line 1. as the Authorizing Agent

Click Here to Authorize or Print, Complete & Return Printable Authorization Form


Choose One of the Three Options… 

A. Biodegradable Scattering Urn

B. Hard Plastic Travel / Storage Urn

C. Biodegradable Burial Urn


Upon the completion of the Cremation we will schedule a time for yourself or whomever you authorize to retrieve the urn(s) and/or Death Certificates from us. If other retrieval arrangements will need to be made you will discuss those alternative arrangements by email or phone with one of our Funeral Directors.  This form authorizes not only yourself but anyone else who has permission to retrieve the urn(s) and/or Death Certificates from us. 

Click Here or Print, Complete & ReturnPrintable Release of Urn & Certificates Form

Step 6 – PAYMENT

A statement of Goods & Services will be sent to you once we have the total amount of death certificates your family would like to purchase. Please review the statement of Goods & Services and we’ll send you a link to the online payment portal. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contacts us day or night.



If Needed – Colorado Coroners Release

General Price List

Family Booklet

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