In Loving Memory of Paula Ann Wilder

Paula Ann Wilder

January 31, 1964 – August 14, 2023


Ms. Paula Ann Wilder, a beloved resident of Colorado Springs for two decades, passed away on August 14, 2023. Born on January 31, 1964, in Grand Junction, Colorado, she was the cherished daughter of J L Wilder and Nancy Juantia Hoffmann. Paula spent her formative years in Grand Junction and attended Fruita High School, where she began to forge her remarkable path.
Paula embarked on a journey of employment as a house cleaner in the manufacturing sector, exemplifying her dedication and hard work. She also found solace and guidance in her faith, being an active member of the Christian Catholic community.
Paula was more than just a list of accomplishments; she was a vibrant soul who found joy in simple pleasures. Her hobbies of coloring, playing cards, dancing, indulging in music, and watching movies reflected her zest for life and her appreciation for the little moments that bring happiness.
Described as kind, sweet, smart, loving, and strong, Paula’s heart knew no bounds when it came to caring for her children and loved ones. She was a true adventurer with a free spirit, unafraid to express her thoughts and stand up for her convictions.
Paula was preceded in death by her grandmother Caroline Martinez, her father J. L. Wilder, her stepfather Fred D. Smith, and her aunt Angela Nieto. She is survived by her mother Nancy Hoffmann, her sister Traci Hoffmann, her brother Dean Wilder, her son Michael Wilder, and her daughter Symone Wilder. Her legacy lives on through these dear family members, who continue to carry her memory in their hearts.
In this time of mourning, let us remember Paula for the remarkable woman she was—a beacon of strength, love, and compassion. Her spirit will forever inspire us to embrace life with the same passion and unwavering dedication that she displayed.