In Loving Memory of Zachary Wayne Gentry

In Memory

Zachary Wayne Gentry

March 23, 1992-October 17, 2019

Zachary Wayne Gentry was born at 7:05 pm on March 23, 1992 at the U.S. Airforce Academy Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Being a lover of nature and the great outdoors, he lived his whole life in Colorado. His death occurred at the home of his parents on October 17, 2019. Zachary was twenty-seven years old.

He is survived by his loving family:

Darlene Renee Yelton-Clark- Mother

Denzil Mark Gentry- Father

Raleigh Lawrence Clark- Stepfather

Pamela Jean Gentry- Stepmother

Joshua Denzil Gentry-Brother

Jessica Ann Gentry-Kerns- Sister

Joe Kerns- Brother-in-Law

Gary Wayne Yelton – Grandfather

Joyce M. Yelton – Grandmother

Toby Gentry – Grandfather

Kenneth Scarborough- Step Grandfather

Raleigh Christopher Clark – Stepbrother

Brandi Clark-Gray – Stepsister

Jennifer Clark – Stepsister

He also left behind several aunts, uncles, cousins, and many beloved friends.

Zachary, or Zach as most people called him, graduated from Cotopaxi High School in 2011.

He worked in the construction field preparing contractual bids for various projects. He was highly respected and liked in the workplace.

Recently, he spoke more and more regarding his desire to really make a difference in this world, and was planning on attending college this coming spring. He believed that he was called to minister to those struggling with addictions, and he aspired to gain his degree to become an Addiction Counselor.

Zach found that the love of God and the unconditional love, acceptance, and understanding of his family and friends was his salvation. He had a sweet, kind spirit and was a sensitive old soul- ever endeavoring to encourage others and help them through any of their own struggles.

One of the most wonderful things about Zachary was something that although others admired, he struggled with for many years; his height. It was his amazing height and his passion for life that earned him the nickname “Zach-Attack” by his mother. He took on life full-force since his toddler days, so it was fitting for him. The name caught on and soon other people used it for him as well. His brother even made Zach a tee-shirt with the fun name on it, too and all of it made Zach smile- a lot!

He became self-conscious about his height however, as he was always much taller than his classmates. He grew to be 6’ 9” tall, often asking his parents, “Will I ever stop growing? Why am I so tall?”
To which his mother replied, “You’re tall because God made you a lighthouse. A lighthouse provides safety to others during dark and stormy times. They provide light and guidance for ships so that they aren’t destroyed by jagged rocks. You, my son, are a lighthouse!”

Oh Zachary, we all knew you were and still are a brilliant lighthouse!
Many years passed and one day he accepted his lighthouse status and wanted to have a lighthouse tattooed on his calf.  (We all thought it was a great idea.)

Zach had a high level of creativity and since elementary school was always making something. It all came naturally to him and he often blessed the lives of his family and friends with something which he made. He enjoyed making pottery, knitting, drawing, graphic art, and also penned poems from time to time.

He enjoyed most genres of music, especially reggae, alternative, country, and Christian. He, like his brother Joshua, sang as well, a gift both sons inherited from their mama!

He absolutely adored anything that had to do with nature. He especially loved to fish with his dad up in the mountains. He was perfectly content to be outdoors all the time.

Zach loved to bake and he had a knack to help in the kitchen. It was all pretty good except for the famous pretzel kerfuffle. Let’s just say it was disastrous and a wonder the kitchen was still there afterwards. Even so, it didn’t stop him from continuing on in baking and he was proud of those pretzels. Maybe that’s why he excelled at most everything he did. He had a fighting spirit and didn’t give up.

Zachary had a passion to help his community and being someone who cared like he did, it’s no surprise that he was always participating in volunteer work cleaning up creeks and parks in Colorado Springs. He often assisted in fundraisers, volunteered at The Springs Rescue Mission, and helped with disabled kids. These are just a few of the countless things we loved about him.

Zach was a Christian and attended Sangre De Cristo Fellowship in Westcliff, Colorado with

Pastor Dave and Joann Schlabach.  Now, Zachary is walking on streets of gold in Heaven. He knows no pain, either physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. He is whole because he is Home with his Savior, the Lord Jesus.

Knowing Zachary- if he were here, he’d probably have a big smile on his face and he’d probably say something like;
“Cherish this life God has given you. Love one another. Be grateful for every moment. Rejoice in the good and learn from the bad times. Your life matters. Live it and never give up.”

Thank you, Zachary, our Lighthouse. Leave the light on for us; and we’ll see you when God calls us Home.


Donations towards Zachary’s final expenses can be made to the family via Go Fund Me at the following link: