In Loving Memory of Shandra Gail Maness

In Loving Memory of…

Shandra Gail Maness, age 40, left unexpectedly in the early morning hours of November 6, 2017. She was a beautiful, amazing person who always went a hundred miles an hour; on that day a light went out of many lives, which will be forever changed.

Shandra was born on August 18, 1977 in Gravette, Arkansas to Raymond and Eva Boyd (Creason). Eva passed when Shandra was in college.

She and her husband Anthony were introduced by a mutual friend eight years ago on Anthony’s birthday, November 27; they were instantly inseparable. They married on June 1, 2016, and she packed his lunch for work every day after that. They went out for Chinese food on Saturday night, November 4th and had a wonderful date night together. Anthony’s last memory of her is the radiant smile she gave him on Sunday night before they went to sleep.

Shandra was a woman of many talents: she was an excellent cook, played the saxophone and clarinet, and her skilled hands took many forgotten objects and made them into something new and beautiful. When times were tough, she could make the most of very little, keeping things going through thick and thin through the power of her care, attention and ingenuity.

Shandra loved animals, especially frogs and spiders. She leaves behind two cats, Smokey and Claudia, a dog, Bebe, and a beloved pet tarantula. She was most alive when she was out in nature; she loved the trees, and had a special interest in studying and collecting rocks and stones. She often said that she had missed her calling as a geologist; though she missed her friends in Kansas, the geological features of Colorado’s rugged landscape filled her with wonder. Green, the color of vibrant life and new growth, was her favorite color. Her love of nature and nurturing spirit were evident in everything she did, from her care of plants (she could practically bring them back to life) and animals to her unselfish and unfailing dedication to the raising of her sons, Christopher and Kai, who were the center of her world. Nothing was more important to her than being their mom, providing the foundation and support they needed to be healthy and happy.

She is survived by her sons, Christopher, Jr. and Kai Wilbur, and her husband, Anthony Maness; they will forever cherish every minute and memory of the time they had with her.

Services are under the direction of Return to Nature Funeral Home, Colorado Springs, Colorado