In Loving Memory of Robert Lawrence Lutheran

Robert “Bob” Lawrence Lutheran

May 7, 1943 – October 23, 2020


Robert “Bob” Lawrence Lutheran passed away October 23, 2020 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Robert was born May 7, 1943 to Lawrence and Jenni Lutheran in Sharon, PA. Bob grew up in Sharpsville, PA and graduated from Mercer County Therapeutic Center. He  graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Theil College in Greenville. PA. In June of 1973 Robert married his wife, Mary Francine Miller (who he met at a nightclub in Sharron, PA).

Bob was born with Cerebral Palsy, but this never kept him from success. He graduated High school and college, and moved on to a lifelong career in social work. Bob worked directly with the handicapped and helped to develop programs on their behalf. He spent his career working at Bethage Homes in Denver, CO.

Bob’s wife of 49 years, Mary (Fran), also lived with spina bifida. They moved from Pennsylvania to Denver to grow in their careers. They owned their own home and transportation and were always self-sufficient.

Bob often invited his friends to lunch. They were expecting to drive him for the meal BUT he insisted on being the driver which would cause his friends to fear for their lives.  Hahaha, Bob was a very skilled driver, and no one was ever hurt.

Bob spent most of his life guiding and helping others. He spent many years as a camp counselor at Meyer County Camp in Meyer, PA.  In Denver, Colorado Robert worked at Bethage Homes, providing residential care to the handicapped. Bob also served on the Colorado Counsel for Handicappped Rights.  Besides his countless years of social work Robert also enjoyed Country and southern Gospel music, reading his Bible, and traveling (Hawaii, Alaska, and Indiana).

Bob is survived by his brother, Ronald Lutheran (Teri) of Transfer PA, his brother in love, Robert  Horvath (Tammy) of Colorado Springs, CO, and many more close friends in Colorado Springs, CO

Bob is preceded in death by his parents, Laurence and Jenni Lutheran; his brother, Gary Allen Lutheran (July 2013); and his wife, Mary Francis Lutheran (June 6, 2013)

We would like to thank the Union Printers staff, Springs Village Care Center staff, Suncrest Hospice, and Robert and Tammy Horvath for all the care and support throughout the years.

Donations can be made in Robert Lutheran’s name to Suncrest Hospice at