In Loving Memory of Robert Hargrove

Robert “Bob” P, Hargrove was born in San Francisco, California, on June 1, 1949. The family moved to Colorado Springs in June 1951, where Bob grew up in the District 11 school system. In one high school English class, he got an “A” on a test about The Scarlet Letter just to prove to his teach that he could do it.

The summer after Bob graduated from Mitchell High School in 1967, he was sitting on a roof near the place where John Campbell and his men were working. John talked Bob off the roof and onto his crew, which is how Bob got his start in laying foundations and building houses. Over the years, John and Bob’s relationship went from employer-employee, to mentor-mentee, to friends.

In the mid- 1970’s, Bob and a business partner started a company to lay foundations. Soon, he was sole owner of Hargrove Foundations. He also formed a partnership with Merlin Bottin in which Bob built the foundations and Merlin Framed the housed. The two men remained good friends until Bob’s death.

Eventually, Bob added home building to his skills and ran two companies: Hargrove Corporation and Stonebridge Homes. Many homes and commercial buildings in Colorado Springs remain to remind us of Bob’s drive and hard work.

Bob was always a very physically active person whether he was carrying panels at work or playing recreational sports. At one point in his twenties, he had such a low percentage of body fat that he could not float in a swimming pool! Bob had a love of motorcycles which took him from motocross racing in the 1970’ss, to endure racing, to trail riding. Bob got to make a final motorcycle trp with his friend Ron Ramsey during the last week in May 2018- just tow weeks before he went into St. Luke’s Hospital in Denver. (Bob completed the three-day trip, played golf the day he returned from the trip, and celebrated his 69th birthday the next day. He was very pleased to have reached age 69.)

Bob also loved playing hockey and golf. Some years, he played in two hockey leagues in Pueblo during the winter and in two golf leagues during the summer. He especially enjoyed the 19th hole with his buddies after each match.

Thanks to all Bib’s construction, riding, and golfing friends who visited him during the last month of his illness. He died on July 19, 2018, of the bone cancer multiple myeloma. Anyone wishing to make a donation in his name can contribute to the American Cancer Society.

Surviving family members include Bob’s wife Linda Hargrove, his sister Julia Hargrove, and his cousin Silver DeNigris. Others who will miss Bob are the Roc Ratz (his Motorcycle riding friends), the members of the Thursday night golf league in which he played, and several good neighbors from previous residences.