In Loving Memory of Regina Marie


Regina Marie went to be with Jesus on Feb 16, 2020 at the age of seventy years old.  She was at home and spent her last few days here lovingly surrounded by her family and comforted by the prayers of her friends and loved ones across the country.

She was a tough single Mom that taught us hard work, good morals, and the love for adventure. She was the Mom at every game, the neighborhood block Mom, the incredibly talented crafter and the baking queen. She was adventurous and loved to go camping and exploring. She enjoyed her time spent with family and friends and it was always a bonus when tacos were on the menu.

Regina was a Master Wallpaper Hanger when the field was new and all male. She is credited with several major San Diego projects. She built homes in Mexico with humanitarian efforts, rafted the Snake River, and ranched the mountains of Westcliffe. She truly had an adventurous spirit.

But her heart’s calling and career was as a Pastor; particularly in Children’s Ministries. She loved the Lord. She was a mighty fisher of men! She was an inspiring speaker and teacher and had developed and administrated curriculum and programs that taught the Love and Salvation of Jesus. She was inspired to have Community events and activities that welcomed any kid that wanted to come. She started The King’s Klowns, who ministered in the town parades, and also acquired a bus and started a kid’s fishing club, even winning an Achievement Award from a large San Diego News station.

Regina is Honored by her children, Tina, Roger Jr, and Mark Sr, and remembered by her always Son in law, Tony and Daughter- in- Laws, Wendy and Darcy. She loved her Grandchildren, Kevin, Shantell, Justin, Chelsea, Aaron, Micheala, Ryan, Ashton, her namesake Hanna, Blake, Mark Jr, and Joesph. And has left a legacy with her Great-Grandchildren; Caylee, Marilyn, Dannika, Owen, Evelyn, Caden, Tristian, Airatria, Gabriel, Dominic, Kylee, Aryn and Woden…and those to come.

Because she was the neighborhood Mom, she also had those that were hers too; John, Jay, Steve, Larry, Natasha and all the children that spent the years growing with her at Harvest.

If she shared Christ with you, share His good news with someone else in her Memory and remember what you heard!!