In Loving Memory of Mrs. Millicent Amanda Young

Magnificent Millie has died.

Millicent Amanda Peterson Young was born, at home, south of Lodgepole, Nebraska on December 22nd,1922. She died, at home, January 12th, 2019.

The Force has always been strong in Millicent. When she went to kindergarten she was the biggest thing between her house and school, resulting in her large opinion of herself. Even though she lived almost seventy years in Colorado Springs, she always considered herself a Nebraska farm girl.

In 2009 she and her fellow WASPs were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for changing the world through their service as female pilots during World War II.

She married William Allen Young while in college at Lincoln, Nebraska. Together they had five children. Two boys, two girls, and an only child: Steven, Kent Evison (Diane), Millicent, Martha Annette,and William Allen. The family culture encouraged learning, contributing, and good citizenship.

In 1969 her husband was killed in an accident at a mine near Buena Vista, leaving her with three kids at home and two in college. At the time of his death, she had just been hired as a social worker for the Department of Social Services. It was a job that she excelled at, receiving awards and recognition, but most importantly, positively influencing her community.

Millie had a passion for bridge, and thought everyone should play the game in order to “improve their social acceptability”.

Mrs. Young cultivated many of her people skills selling World Book Encyclopedias door to door. She held the strong belief that an educated populace is the key to preserving well-being on earth.

She was a lifelong Democrat.

Everything she did she did very well…and she did not keep house. The only goal she failed to accomplish was winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, but it wasn’t from lack of trying.

In addition to her five children, her contribution to the population explosion includes four grandchildren: Matthew Alan (Caitlin), Megan Emily, Tracy Allison (Robin), and Claire (J). At this time, her only great grandchild is Sophie who knew her as “Queen”. She is survived by one sibling, her sister, Mary Cave.

We were all blessed to have her in our lives as long as we did. Our mother was wise, adventurous, tolerant, and  generous.

She is home, attended by her children, until she is laid to rest with a natural burial, on Tuesday, January 15th, at two o’clock, at Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs. We celebrate her life and legacy now, and will enjoy a Celebration of life with her friends in the future.

Arrangements are under the direction of Return to Nature Funeral Home,