In Loving Memory of Ms. Nancy Ann Gosselin


Nancy Ann Gosselin


Nancy Ann Gosselin was born on January 4, 1943 in Lebanon, PA to Howard and Erma Starry. She grew up in Hershey, PA where she attended Hershey High School.         


Mom was a multi-faceted woman of great strength and determination. Yet at the same time, also saw life almost with child like innocence. She experienced many hardships throughout her 76 years, but always found a way to seek beauty and joy, trying to see the best in people and remaining forever hopeful. She was bold and brave, yet gentle and kind. Mom believed in standing up for what you believe in, even if you had to stand alone. She had moxie, and I admired that in her.
Mom grew up an only child. Her father Howard was an iron ore miner and her mother Erma worked at the Hershey Chocolate Factory. Both for over 30 yrs.  Mom had the close companionship of her cousins Lois and Jeannie as well as other favorite childhood friends.  She loved to play board games, paper dolls and color. Toys were scarce, so she treasured the ones she had. Mom went to a 1-room school house most of her young years. Although she grew up with very humble beginnings and learned to work hard from a young age, she was cared for and loved. In high school, she was actively involved in sports, pep rallies, and having fun with friends. She graduated in 1960.

Mom was an intelligent woman who worked hard to achieve her goals and dreams. She had a variety of jobs throughout the years, but the vast majority of her life, her career was in insurance. She attained all her licenses to be an agent, and gained recognition for her professionalism, expertise, work ethic and outgoing personality. She instilled that same drive in us kids and I am grateful for it.

Mom raised my brother and I pretty much on her own and worked hard to make ends meet. Although times were very lean and we didn’t have much, we treasured the simple things. We rarely had TV, so we’d play board games, cards and sing songs. We lived near the Garden of the Gods and would often go hiking there with a picnic lunch. One time Mom saved up 900 pennies so that she could surprise us by taking us to the Pikes Peak or Bust rodeo. We had a wonderful day. Mom wasn’t allowed to have pets growing up and that never sat right with her. So one day she surprised us when she came home from work in the pouring down rain with a little kitten in her purse. Momma tried her best to show us that we were loved.
She loved animals so much and helped many homeless & hurt furry friends thru the years. As well as giving forever homes to numerous, very spoiled kitty cats! Mom was driving in Manitou Springs one time on a very busy evening, when she saw a desperate buck trying to get across a traffic laden intersection. She literally got out of her car and stopped traffic in either direction in order to help the poor deer. Her heart was as big as the Montana skies for all of nature.
 The mountains of our beloved Colorado and the beautiful, majestic sea were her favorite places to be. She was always happiest wherever she lived, if she had a view of our snow covered Pikes Peak out of her window. Her favorite ocean getaway was Ocean City, MD. The sound and smell of the ocean, the gulls flying, the gorgeous boardwalk with its amusement park, kites flying, salt water taffy and warm summer breezes filled her heart with joy. Sitting on a big porch in a cozy Adirondack chair, watching the sun set slowly over the waves was as close to Heaven on Earth as she could imagine. It was good to see her so happy.

Funny story about Mom’s spunky personality: She owned a 1973 Dodge Charger complete with rumbling stainless steel side pipes for a few years. She LOVED that car, but it seemed to be a sore spot with local law enforcement. After being stopped on several occasions due to the noise the pipes produced, she was escorted into a service station in order to remove them or get a ticket for essentially disturbing the peace. Although she was terribly unhappy about that, she boldly voiced her opinion by loudly proclaiming “I guess I’ll always be a rebel, with or without a cause!!” Like I said, she had moxie.
    Momma loved to listen to music and to dance. She enjoyed a wide variety of music from folk to gospel to rock and roll. The latter being her favorite, especially the 50’s to the 70’s. She loved Elvis and so many oldies but goodies, John Denver, Motown, Rolling Stones and most especially Janis Joplin! Mom introduced me to music as a young child and I will always be grateful for that. My brother Victor is an accomplished musician on guitars, drums and keyboards. Mom encouraged our love for music and the arts.
She loved to cook and see folks enjoying her many specialties including spaghetti sauce, soups, clam dip and her famous chocolate eclairs. Reading was also a passion. She admired many authors and poets including Erma Bombeck for her amazing wit, and Maya Angelou for her wisdom and soulfelt words. TV was also a favorite pastime. She loved MASH, all westerns and last but not least, she LOVED football! Especially her Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers. It was not uncommon for her to be planted in front of the tube yelling at the team over a botched play or jumping up and down cheering them on to the touchdown! She was a great fan of the game.
Momma touched so many people throughout her lifetime in this old world, with her kindness, humor and charms. She was a dear and cherished friend to so many. She truly loved you all.  And as a mom and Grandma, her love and devotion was unwavering. The lessons she imparted were well learned and will be carried on. The sparkle in her eyes, her happy laughter, her child like ways, her spunk and determination, and her sense of humor are among the countless ways in which she will be deeply missed.
There is a great void within my heart that only she can fulfill, but I know she is happy and whole again. And the day will come that we are once again reunited. God bless you dear Momma. Ever since I can remember, I remember loving you. -Kathleen

Nancy was a Christian & had great faith in God. She is proceeded in death by her parents, Howard and Erma Starry, Dick Williams, her significant other and dear friend, and David McCaslin, her son-in-law and dear friend. She is survived by her daughter,Kathleen McCaslin, her son, Victor Gosselin, and grand-daughter, LeAnn McCaslin.

The family wishes to give Special Thanks to Skyline Ridge Nursing Center for the loving care given to Mom for 3 months.