In Loving Memory of Ginger Matthews


Ginger Renee Matthews, age 56, left her earthly body behind on April 20, 2018. Though she has transcended this physical existence, her energy did not die; instead, it has grown more powerful and radiant. Although her family and many friends grieve in her passing this temporal part of life, we know that Ginger is alive and present.

Ginger began her journey through this world on December 14, 1961, born in Conroe, Texas to Adolphine Kelling and Oscar Brochard. She received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Human Relations and Business from Amberton University in Garland, TX and went on to serve as a faculty member and faculty training specialist at Grand Canyon University, both on campus and online.

Our beautiful Ginger radiated love and revered the Divinity in all life: birds, plants, the smallest creatures crawling on the earth – and the earth itself. She loved to walk and hike and garden, feeling her feet upon the soil, connected with the energy of life. Every living creature, human and animal, came away from their time with her with a purer, stronger understanding of love, lifted and transformed. Even the delicious food she prepared for her beloved family nourished their souls as well as their bodies. She sang to her children and loved to dance, filled with the exuberance of being.

Ginger joined with her twin flame, Mark Matthews, on August 4, 1979, in an eternal union forged in spirit; over the years they came to understand that they had been together in many other incarnations. Such a union cannot be broken or interrupted by the temporary change of physical death. Instead, now it is free from the bonds and limitations of this mortal form, able to grow and change and manifest again and again throughout eternity.

Ginger has always radiated a spirit that transcends the trivial pettiness that would threaten and harm relationships. Fittingly, her message to us is clear, and she uttered it on more than one occasion: “Love others.” Having been loved so well by her has taught us how, and we encourage all whose lives touched hers to open themselves to this teaching, allowing their love and grief to let more light pass through them into a world where it is badly needed.

Ginger’s spirit lives on in her soulmate and husband, Mark Matthews; her daughters, Amy Ronhovde, Ali Matthews and Ada Tomaszewski; her sons-in-law, Bron Ronhovde, Edison Kim and Steven Tomaszewski; her sisters Linda Partridge, Patricia Abernathy and Bonnie Solomon; and her brother, Ronnie Brochard.

She joins her father, who passed away when Ginger was 7, her mother, whom she lost when she was 11, and her sisters, Carol Taylor and Donna Podvin, beyond this life in the true, unchanging essence of spirit.

Ginger’s brother-in-law, Robert Podvin, Donna’s husband, has been like a father to her; he officiated at her wedding to Mark and has been an invaluable source of support to Mark and their daughters throughout her illness. Ginger’s sisters and brother as well as Mark’s brother, Steve Matthews, and sister, Melinda Chase, have been wellsprings of support and encouragement. Many friends and extended family have also followed her journey and offered much comfort and strength.

Ginger’s family requests that you please consider a donation in her beautiful memory to Ginger’s Transition Fund, which will eventually fund a non-profit to receive donations for cancer patients. (

From daughter Amy

I love you Mom. I’ve been thinking a lot about everything you are to me; oh this hurts! A stabbing sensation in the pit of my being halts my breath and surges tears to my eyes. I scream a silent scream.

Oh Momma this is really difficult. It hurts so much to think about you, about me without you.
You are my Bible teacher, my tooth fairy, my running buddy, my closest confidante. You taught me how to be a strong woman, and I’m trying to be strong for you, but Mom it’s hard, it’s hard to be strong. You are my favorite stand-up comedian, my cherished children’s book author, the mastermind organizer of food drives and clothing giveaways.

You are my favorite chef. You made delicious dinners for our family every night. You sent me to school with a yummy lunch and a note of encouragement. Your food is the best food, your iced tea is the best tea.

I never want to let you down, and I’m so sorry for every time I do. You are the anchor of my world, the cornerstone of our family. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known. Your eyes are so deeply blue, the color of the ocean at Santa Barbara or Malibu, but deeper, bluer. Your Nordic bone structure is breathtaking. I always wanted so much to be beautiful the way my Mom is beautiful.

You are completely unique. You smell so good, you smell like home and safety and love. Your skin is so soft, your vanilla honey fudge hair always falling and framing so perfectly. I love your smile. Your smile makes everything okay. I love your overbite, your teeth, your hands and fingers and the shape of your nails.

Thank you for singing to me! Your voice soothes and assures, and calms even the most anxious of Amys! I am so fortunate that you sang to me. That you gave me a special song, that is mine and yours for all time.

You taught me to read, and to tie my shoes! And it was always fine that I was left handed, you never tried to change me, only worked very hard to help me, to care for me, to love me. Ugh—all those orthodontic appointments and broken bones and strep throats!

Honestly, I don’t see how I can ever finish this letter to you—I’ll just keep thinking of more great things to say to you, great things to say about you.
I love you Mom.

-Amy Renee (yours always)

“Be Thou my breastplate, my sword for the fight
Be Thou my armor and be Thou my might
Thou my soul shelter and Thy my high tower
Raise Thou me heavenwards, oh power of my power”
—— Van Morrison

“Have I told you lately that I love you?
Have I told you there’s no one above you?
Fill my heart with gladness, take away my sadness
Ease my troubles that’s what you do”
——- Van Morrison

From daughter Ali

My beautiful mother Ginger is the embodiment of “love” and all that it represents. She always put everyone first. Her strength and willpower is like no other. She may have left our physical world much too soon, but she is our warrior and now Heavenly Queen. I can feel my mother no matter where I go. I can see her too, which will help me along my way. She will never leave my side. She will help guide me through my journey in life.

 From daughter Ada

To My Mother

A moonlight melody calls the ship down

And angels descend as snow-falling graces

To awaken the Queen to reclaim her crown

As LOVE shines down from Heavenly places.

My spirit has risen, one with thee;

My heart, now swollen, doth it shall hold

Forever the light thou passed unto me

To shine, to show others our way back home.

 From son-in-law Bron

I called my future wife Amy the day after we first exchanged phone numbers. To my surprise, Ginger answered the phone. Amy had given me her mother’s number, which was one digit off by mistake.  Ginger was happy to hear from me and assured me she had heard good things about me.  We laughed a little and said goodbye.

Ginger was always making me laugh and smile.  Ginger made me feel part of the family.  Watching her go through this transition, I got to know her better than I ever had.  She faced her illness with courage.  Ginger didn’t want us to live in sadness or regret.  She wished for her family to embrace each new day with wonder and to love each other and ourselves.  I will miss spending time with her, but feel she will always be near in our hearts, minds, and souls.

 From husband Mark

To My Ginger,

Although I grieve in your passing this temporal part of life, I know that you are alive and present. Your universal energy does not die; instead, it wields power, light, and love to those who welcome your presence. I welcome your presence in my life each day, and you are already giving me great comfort as I grieve. You and I have an eternal bond as twin flames—a bond that transcends the temporal manifestations of our existence. Such a union cannot be broken by a temporary change.

You have always radiated a spirit that transcends the pettiness that would threaten and harm relationships. Fittingly, your message is clear, and you uttered it on more than one occasion in the days before you passed: “Love others.” As your spiritual and physical energies abide in me, you are reminding me to live this life of love. I welcome you into my life each day. Through my deep breathing, your energy cycles through my body. I feel your energy, and this reminds me to love others as you do. I love you very much.

Your Mark

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