In Loving Memory of Ganelle Doris Bowen

Ganelle Doris Bowen, passed on February 28th, 2020 at the age of seventy-six years old, in Monument, Colorado, where she lived for four and a half years. Born to Opal Irene Grissom on July 21st, 1943, she grew up in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, and attended Charles Page High School.

Ganelle worked at Kerr Glass, Bama Pie, Joe convenience store, and was a caretaker for her mother and mother-in-law. She attended Lake United Methodist Church while living in Sand Springs. Ganelle enjoyed playing bingo and pogo, with the screen name Ganb 1943, was an avid QVC watcher, went to casinos and liked to travel, loved her jewelry and loved doing anything that involved any and all of her grandchildren. She loved to eat Keri’s enchiladas and Dairy Queen ice-cream was her favorite. Her favorite musicians were Elvis Presley, Bob Seger, Conway Twitty, and Loretta Lynn.

Miss Bowen met Phil Bowen at Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, whom she married April 16th, 1963 and spent 53 years with. They made their home together in Hominy, Oklahoma. As grandparents; her and papaw would be spontaneous and take us on adventures, but still LOVED the comfort of her own home and the company of her family. The most memorable was when they took us to Missouri to put our feet in the water. She made Christmas very special for each of us, and her Christmas baking was wonderful, and she made the best sandwiches. Ganelle loved being a part of her grandchildren’s lives; she would make pallets for them to sleep on when we had sleepovers. She was very sassy, and always stood up for us, just like papaw, and made sure we got what we needed or wanted to make us happy. Her laugh and smile were infectious, and she loved telling stories of good memories.

Ganelle is predeceased by Phil Bowen, her son Phillip Bowen, mother Opal Grisson, mother and father in-law Leona and Odis Grayson, her sister Joanne Brashier, brother Bobby Grisson, and Eugene “Red” Brashier. She is survived by her daughters Phyllis Emery and Philisa Bowen. Her grandchildren Sarah Bunch, Casey Huggins, Andy Huggins, Megan Ellis, Keri Ellis, Ashley and Aaron Gray, Malcolm Grier, Sargon Grier, and Taylees Rohl; great-grandchildren Lady Huggins, Harry Huggins, and Bryce Ellis, as well as her brothers, Steve Bowen and Richard Bowen (Shirley); sisters, Judy Woolley (Rodney), Glenda Grayson and Mike Grayson, and Carole Pray (Steve).

A special thank you to all beautiful grandchildren. Thank you, Kelly Rohl for being Ganelle’s caretaker and caring for her daily. Thank you, Diane Brook for also caring daily and having a special mother/daughter bond with Ms. Bowen, for staying up for hours watching Hallmark Christmas movies, and for always cooking, cleaning, and decorating. And also, a special Thank You to Brenda Bailey for always making her feel special by talking about QVC, buying her jewelry, and always sending home sweet treats for her to eat which she loved and always made her smile.