Direct Cremation $1,290.00

Our Simple 5 Step Process

  1. You Call and speak directly with one of our experienced Funeral Directors / Family Member
  2. We Verify Your Identification and Legal Responsibility
  3. You Complete ALL the Required Documentation via email or in-person
  4. You determine the method the cremated remains will be returned to your family
  5. You satisfy the Financial Obligation

What a Cremation with our Family Includes: 

- Return to Nature overhead of Funeral Home & Professional Staff

- Transfer from the place of death into our care, within 35 miles of COS

- Refrigeration (6 days) - required within 24 hours

- Death Certificate / Cremation Permit Processor Fee

- Social Security Notification

- Biodegradable Cremation Container

- Crematory Fee & Certificate of Cremation

- A Tree planted in Honor of in a National Forest

- Recycled / Biodegradable Paperwork

- Biodegradable Cremation Urn

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Many families are now considering cremation as the method of disposition. Colorado is one of the highest cremation rate states. Cremation has become a very common and normal process. There are many options available to you through our funeral home for Cremation services. You’re also not limited to time with regard to planning a Celebration of Life / Memorial Service.

There is no standard cremation arrangement. Our family is very anti-cookie cutter. Our experienced Funeral Directors will assist you in developing a customized cremation service that is right for YOUR individual family.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a process of preparing human remains for final disposition. It is a technical heating process which reduces the remains to its basic elements, primarily bone particles and fragments, which are referred to cremated remains. The reduction takes place through heat in a cremation chamber. The cremated remains are then place into a full biodegradable urn. This urn is specifically designed for scattering, transportation, burial, storage, etc. It has multiple different uses.

We also have plenty of other urn and cremation jewelry options available.

Cremation does not alter the option of a visitation and/or a funeral service with the body present. Our family believes everyone deserves the right to spend some time with their loved one before cremation takes place, if they wish to do so.

A Cremation with Return to Nature

We offer many different Cremation Service Options…

Non-Ceremonial Cremation - $1,290.00

Our Non-Ceremonial / Direct / Simple Cremation Service offers an affordable alternative to traditional body burial. By choosing this cremation option you can eliminate costs associated with traditional funeral services.

Price is not the only advantage in choosing this cremation option. Non-Ceremonial Cremation is a great way to keep your loved one with you since their remains will be portable. Many people also feel that cremation over body burial is more environmentally friendly since no land is disrupted during the process.

Cremation is simpler and more expedient. The entire process usually takes place in just three to eight days. Cremation is highly regulated in the State of Colorado. There is a legal process that MUST TAKE PLACE FIRST before ANYONE can be cremated. Funeral Homes / Crematories DO NOT immediately cremated after bringing your loved one into their care. That would be illegal.

The process begins by YOU calling Us Anytime Day or Night

719-475-0583 for Colorado Springs, Colorado

We’re Available 24 Hours a Day


Available 24 Hours A Day


Return to Nature Funeral Home is a unique family owned and operated Colorado Springs mortuary service. We operate with three generations of Funeral Service Experience and Education. Our family is here to serve your family and guide you through every step of the bereavement process. We cater to your family and provide your loved one with the utmost professional care and discretion. Our family serving your family, for nearly 80 years. We are Colorado Springs Cremation & Funeral Care.

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