In Loving Memory of Christopher Grant Reynolds, Jr.

Christopher Grant Reynolds Jr., age 6, passed away on Sunday, July 31, 2022. Christopher was born on September 9, 2015, in Petersburg, Virginia to his mother Bréon Reynolds.

Christopher was the sweetest, smartest, and funniest little boy you could ever meet. Even after getting diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and going through chemotherapy for over two years, he still found a reason to smile and laugh often and whole-heartedly. Despite being nonverbal autistic, anyone that crossed paths with him, was always left completely in love with his personality.

He enjoyed watching his favorite TV shows, impersonating a fighting Power Ranger, going to the park, building LEGOs, playing with his Hot Wheels, and never left home without his phone. Christopher was blessed to have been able to make it to 1st grade and had been getting ready for 2nd before his passing. All of his teachers and classmates thought he was pure joy to be around. He was always willing to help his teachers and fellow students any way he could. His favorite subjects were one where he either got to create or connect with others such as music, gym, art and recess. Christopher was also an avid reader and loved to spell. Even at the age of 6, he was spelling up to 13 letter words.

Being the first child born, Christopher was spoiled with love for 6 years before his younger brother came along. For 6 years, it was him and his mom. Wherever she went, he was right there. His first word was mama. He was the smartest little boy. He loved to read, watch movies, and play with his mom all day. And he was always willing to help clean. Even after finding out Christopher was autistic, Bréon could not help but love him even more. He was so eager and willing to learn, and he loved going to school. He was looking forward to being able to go to the Second grade. Christopher was also the best big brother that anyone could ever ask for. As soon as Bréon brought Amari home from the hospital, Christopher was completely enamored with his brother and wanted to help his mom out as much as he possibly could. And Amari always wanted to be around his big brother. Wherever Christopher was, Amari wanted to be.  He and his Uncle Walter were two peas in a pod. Wherever his uncle went, he had to go too. Walter would always take him to the park and feed him his favorite food, pepperoni and sausage pizza. He even helped take care of him when initially being diagnosed with ALL while Christopher’s mother, Bréon, was away receiving military training. Christopher and his only Aunt, Jhay, were always willing to compete. Jhay taught him to play chess, video games, and was willing to spar with him whenever Christopher wanted to practice his new karate moves. There was not a moment where these two weren’t having fun with each other. Christopher hadn’t been able to grow up with his Uncle Cameron, but as soon as they met, there was an instant connection. Cameron, his parents, Pamela and Philip, and his sister Chantel welcomed Christopher with open arms and fell-in-love instantly. He flew a kite for the first time while visiting and could not get enough. He is deeply missed by all.

His grandmother, Veronica Baylor, was there for him from the very beginning. She was in the delivery room when he was born and, in the room, when he passed. There was not a moment of his life that she was not there for. She was his caretaker for the two years after being diagnosed with cancer, while his mom fought for our country. Veronica spent countless months in the hospital with Christopher, never leaving his side and always being his advocate. She and his mom had taken him to his first day of pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st grade. Whatever Christopher needed; Veronica was all too happy to oblige. They were the best of friends to say the least. Never leaving each other’s side.

His mother, Breon Reynolds, was Christopher’s biggest champion and deepest supporter. She always tried to make whichever choice may have been best for him. She loved him deeply and unconditionally from the minute she held him in her arms. From Chris’s birth he had a challenging road, being born premature and suffering from jaundice. Breon stayed by his side in the middle of the night just to watch over him. When he finally beat the challenges at the beginning of his life. His mother dedicated all extra time outside of working to his care and beginning his education early. Christopher loved learning and reading with his mother. He grew a fondness for all of his favorite things because they are things him and his mom would do together when he was a toddler. When Christopher first got diagnosed with being Non-verbal autistic, Breon did not stumble. She immediately began to do intensive research on the best ways to help Chris be comfortable as he continued to develop and grow. She learned sign language so they could better communicate and was so in tune with his moods and mannerism it was like their own language. The loving, empathetic child Christopher grew to be he learned through example from his mom. He will be eternally missed and unconditionally loved in her memory.

Christopher was an amazing son, brother, nephew, grandson, student and friend. We are all better for knowing him. Even though he left way too soon, he has left an everlasting mark on everyone he came in contact with.

He is survived by his mother Bréon Reynolds, his brother Amari, his aunt, Jharrayne McKnight, his uncles, Walter Dixon and Cameron Haecker, his grandparents, Veronica Baylor, Pamela Haecker, Philip Moreno and Brian Robinson, his honorary Aunts and Uncles, Chantel Haecker, Andrea Mapp, Tamera Fuller, Trevor Nick Wiggins, Sheldon McCloud, and Terrance Stewart and a host of family, friends and admirers.

He was greeted in Heaven by his great grandparents Aurelia “Donnie” Kennedy, Walter “Pepper” Macklin, Hosie Robinson Jr. and Bertha Mae Robinson, and many more family members. Although sad, they were excited to welcome him home with open arms.

There will be a private memorial service for his family and a public one at a later date to be determined. You can donate in memory of Christopher to Autism Speaks or Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!/donation/checkout

Christopher’s memory will be kept alive through stories and plenty of videos of him making the world a brighter place.


God Saw You Getting Tired

God saw you getting tired

When a cure was not to be.

So, He wrapped His arms around you,

And whispered, “Come unto me”.

You didn’t deserve what you went through,

And so, He gave you rest.

God’s garden must be beautiful,

He only takes the best.

So, when I saw you sleeping,

I could not wish for you to come back,

To suffer that all again.

– Unknown