In Loving Memory of Camille Louise Oliver


Camille L. Oliver passed peacefully into heaven early Saturday, September 5th. She was enveloped with love from her two daughters, Ruby Purdy and Karen Brown, and her brother, Michael Oliver. Known as Cammie, she always said, “when I go, please be happy for me, not sad. There is no cause to be somber, please celebrate my wonderful life.” So please, when you think of Cammie, please remember all the joyous things about her and that you experienced with her.

Cammie was a pioneer her entire life. Born September 23, 1943, to Jack and Ruby Oliver, she was physically active and unusually interested in athletics in a time where girls were not encouraged to be. She always said if given the chance, she would have played lots of competitive sports and did play volleyball with a highly competitive spirit in her adult life.

Cammie loved to swing dance! In her youth, she and her first cousin, Laural, regularly raised the roof on dance halls and had a good ‘ole time. Since they were the youngest first cousins in the family, they did a lot of things together, one of which was singing along with their Grandma’s player piano. They were so young it took each of them to each push on a pedal, so it would play. Then, they held on and sang along to the melody. What great fun!

Cammie loved cars and racing and working on them—she could do so with the best in any circle and developed a love for Corvettes that would endure the rest of her life. She had two that were fabulously fun: a 1962 pearl white convertible that she showed and won many awards, and a yellow 70’s era that she Rallye raced and oh was she good! Speedster! She became the first female President of her Corvette club and served several terms, maintaining the friendships created there for the rest of her life. She protested and marched against the Vietnam war, and championed women’s equality for decades. She was the first woman to come up with and lead a multi-doctor practice that was highly successful.

Ever a maverick, she retired early from her career and gave away most of her stuff to go sailing for two years. She had a ball! She came back to Denver and got involved in several organizations serving others. From one of them, two very special relationships developed. Gidget Vici looked at Cammie as a mother-figure and became God-Grandmother to her daughter, Fayth Moran. Both of whom were lights of Cammie’s life.

Cammie led a full, spiritual life and through arduous and lengthy study, became a practitioner (and later, prayer guide) at Mile High Church. She absolutely loved learning about how the human mind, heart and spirit all worked together, ever the student of evolution and higher understanding. She was highly resilient! Whenever faced with adversity or struggle, she always found a way to come through better and more positive and in this way, was such an example for so many. In her most recent days, she figured out technology to engage in on-line classes through Mile High Church, set up video conference get togethers for the groups of friends she adored, and was even making political calls for a 2020 candidate she believed in. Wow, what a life!!!

Cammie wanted a “green” burial, which will be held on Friday, September 11, at 3:00 pm at Evergreen Cemetery, in Colorado Springs. Attendance is unlimited. However, Evergreen provides a total of 10 chairs, so if a chair is a necessity, please bring your own. Individual flowers can be buried with her, please bring your own if you wish to do so. Plan to social distance and follow covid health guidelines as you feel comfortable. Since this is a green burial, in lieu of sending floral arrangements, please make donations in her name to the ASPCA or National Mill Dog Rescue, as she was terribly fond of her dogs Bugsy and Sugar and her grand dogs (too many to list).