In Loving Memory of Adam Isaiah Minkler

Adam Isaiah Minkler’s time with those who loved him ended far too soon with his passing on December 11, 2017.

Adam was born on June 2, 1987 and attended Thomas B. Doherty High School with the class of 2005. His family and friends cherished him for his tender heart, whimsical spirit and unsparing frankness; though he was blunt and direct, he was steadfastly loyal and spoke the truth, however harsh, with love.

Adam was a handful. He commanded attention, filling any room he was in with his voice and personality. A brilliant, clear-eyed student of human nature, he believed that people revealed themselves most completely when they were outside their comfort zone; to that end, the things he said were often caustic or shocking, casting aside convention and propriety to strike directly at the hearts of individuals and issues, probing sharply beneath the surface to find deeper meaning.

Though no one was safe from the scalpel of Adam’s intellect, he especially relished giving his family a hard time; that was his job, though: anyone else who tried to give them trouble had to go through him. If he sensed that he’d pushed a loved one a little too far, he’d disappear for a day or two, then resurface bearing a peace offering, perhaps a handful of flowers or a case of beer.

Adam leaves behind many shattered hearts: his mother, Lou Ann Blanchard; his father, David Lee Minkler; his brother, Beau Minkler; his grandpa, William Blanchard, Jr.; his stepfather, William Blanchard III; his stepsisters Stephanie Marie Evans, Ashley Lauren Doehring, and Molly Jean Ivan, as well as his friends Jake and Elyse Reed and Stephen Dillard, among a host of others.

Adam was preceded in death by his grandmother, Helen Blanchard; his uncle Al Anderson, his Aunt Edna, Grandma Maxine, Grandpa Dale, and his stepmother Tammy Minkler.

Adam’s short life had a profound impact on countless people. 30 years was not enough.

Memorial Services for Adam will be held at 4:00pm Sunday, January 7th at the Return to Nature Chapel West, 11 North 22nd Street, Colorado Springs. All are welcome to come celebrate his life.

Services are under the direction of Return to Nature Funeral Home, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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