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Return to Nature Funeral Home is a unique Green Funeral Home specializing in Natural Burial & Biodegradable Post Cremation Care. We operate with three generations of Funeral Service Experience, Tradition and Education. Our Family is here to serve You and Your Family through every step of the bereavement process. We cater to Your Family and provide Your Loved One with the utmost Professional Care and Discretion.

Our Family Serving Your Family, for over 80 years...


Jon handled the services for my dad. And is one of the most compassionate and caring person I have ever met. Every thing was handled quickly and smoothly. Can't imagine going through this without him.

- Ken Hallford

Jon's role in my Dad’s funeral service was everything I know Dad would’ve wanted - he was respectful and professional, and the service was meaningful but low-key. And although my dad, an honorably-discharged Army National Guard veteran, did not have a military burial per se, Jon made sure we had a flag for Dad’s casket, which he assisted in folding and presenting to my mother. It was so meaningful to our family how well everything was handled.

- Keisha Guzik

While online reviewing Colorado Springs crematories I discovered Return to Nature Burial & Cremation. They're affordable and experienced. True cremation and funeral service experts.

- Scott Morrison

The Hallfords are some of the best people on Earth.  Compassionate and caring.

 - Alichia Olson

I want a green burial, and am so happy that there is someone local that is specializing in it. I hate the thought of avoiding chemicals in life, just to be pumped full of chemicals in death!

 - Andrew Gardner

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